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Rev. Msgr. James J. Loughnane, P.A.

Associate Pastor

Rev. Vincent Arogyaswamy


Associate Pastor

Rev. Khoa Vincent Mai


Deacon Couple

Thomas F. & Mary LeDonne


Deacon Couple

Dennis & Christina Shin


Executive Assistant

Jocelyn Torres

909-861-7106 ext 115

Director of Administration

Petita Virata

909-861-7106 ext 119

Director of Stewardship & Development
Deacon Phil Luevanos
909-861-7106 ext 120

Stewardship and Development

Administrative Assistant

Desiree Natividad

909-861-7106 ext 118

Director of Pastoral Services

Therese Martinez

909-861-7106 ext 121

IT Projects Coordinator

Jo Ann Goswitz

909-861-7106 ext 124

Director of Lifelong Faith Formation & RCIA

Angelica Perez

909-861-7106 ext 116

Assistant to Director of Lifelong Faith Formation & RCIA

Merle Guinn

909-861-7106 ext 117

Director of Religious Education

Kathy Ritza

909-861-7106 ext 242

Assistant to Director of Religious Education

Vicky Barbilla

909-861-7106 ext 240

Director of Confirmation, Post Confirmation & Youth Ministry

Celia Flores

909-861-7106 ext 243

Assistant to Director of Confirmation, & Youth Ministry

Lalaine Escobar

909-861-7106 ext 241

Young Adult Ministry Coordinator

Michael Ramirez

909-861-7106 ext 244

Directors of First Impressions

Jocelyn Torres

Jennifer Bernert

Blake Aceves

Damaris Chavez

Akani Pasigan

Ricky San Juan


Directors of Music 

Patrick Zubiate - Music Director
909-861-7106 ext 438

Tom Cuccio - Contemporary Choir

909-861-7106 ext 438

Joe Manahan - Filipino Choir

909-861-7106 ext 438





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